Our application for EGN and GGN membership

20111201 EGN palyazat borito

The Balaton Uplands National Park Directorate – to become a full member – submitted the application of the Bakony–Balaton Geopark in December 2011 to the European Geoparks Network (and through this also to the Global Geoparks Network supported by UNESCO).

The application dossier – written in English – can be downloaded from here: pdf.

An evaluation mission of two experts delegated by the international organisations was part of the the detailed qualifying process and the final decision was made by the EGN Coordination Committee.

The Bakony–Balaton Geopark became proud holder of the membership and of the logos of the European Geoparks Network and the Global Geoparks Network at the 11. European Geoparks Conference in September 2012!

Being a full member, the Bakony–Balaton Geopark may become well known not only in Hungary but also at an international level, as the members of the network promote each other really effectively. A good example for this is the European Geoparks Week when our geopark may have the opportunity to introduce itself in other countries' geoparks. Members also benefit from the use of  common promotional tools (i.e. website, magazine etc…) and have a forum for finding new partners for international co-operation, exchange of experience and for seeking funding from EU programmes.

Membership of the European Geoparks Network is limited to a period of four years. After this period, membership is re-evaluated to monitor the continuous development and the high level operation of the geopark. It is also very important to be an active member of the Network.


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